Wednesday, December 13

The Wild Adventures of my Doggies

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You’re not going to believe this one, but I’ll tell you about it anyway.

A few nights ago my daughter spent the night at her friend’s house about four blocks away from home. She walked there at five in the afternoon.

Later, I let our three dogs outside to go potty. Now, one of them is notorious for jumping the fence and running away. He doesn’t know where he’s going, only that he’s going somewhere. There has never been a problem with the other two running off.

Well, that record was smashed when all three of them jumped the fence one right after the other and were out of site within seconds.

It was dark out by then and I knew there was no way I would be able to round all of them up. So, I went inside and told my husband who grabbed the keys and took off in the car to look for them.

After about ten minutes my neighbor and I see Ghost, the fence jumper, running down the alley behind our house. Soon, my husband pulled up with him in the car. (So strange that he will always jump into a car when he is loose.) I put him in the house and returned outside to see if the other two came charging through.

One of the kids in our neighborhood rode up on his bike and let me know he saw our two other dogs down by the city pool. My husband took off to find them and no sooner than he left, here came the dogs running and wagging their tails like they had really accomplished something. They came right in our gate and I put them inside too.

My husband soon returned and to my surprise, it seems that those two dogs had followed my daughter’s scent all the way to her friend’s house. At least that’s where the neighborhood kid saw them.

I just think that is so strange and felt the need to share it with you.


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