Saturday, December 16

Landon Donovan Propels US Soccer Team To Victory Against Algeria

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Landon Donovan scores a dramatic 91st minute goal to send US soccer to the round of sixteen at the World Cup. Nobody expected the game to end like it did. The US played to a scoreless tie with Algeria for ninety minutes. The US was once again going to end the game in a tie and be sent home with their heads between their knees.

Suddenly, Howard passes the ball the Landon Donovan. Howard threw a perfect throw to Donovan at midfield. Donovan took the pass in stride. Donovan found Jozy Altidore and passed him the ball. Altidore dribbled the ball to Dempsey. Dempsey kicked the ball at the goaltender. The ball bounced off the goaltender. Donovan found the soccer ball and he placed it nicely in the net. The US win the match and wins Group C. What an incredible way for the US to get their first victory at the World Cup.

What does this mean for the US? This is the first time (in eighty years) the US has finished first place in a group at the World Cup. Tim Howard gets a shutout. The US goes on to the final sixteen teams in the World Cup. The US will play Ghana Saturday at 2:30 PM Eastern time on ABC. This game gave the US some legitimacy in soccer in the world.

Most likely, the US will not win the World Cup in 2010. This is no surprise to the world. This is no surprise to the US. Soccer is not the number one sport in the United States. The US gave some excitement to a sport that bores many American people. This perfect (dramatic) 91st minute goal by Landon Donovan finally gave Americans a reason to stand up and cheer for the US soccerteam. Goooooooal!



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