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They Call Us Vampires

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Could you imagine suffering from a rare, genetic disorder, which symptoms include, sensitivity to sun light which renders the suffer to stay in the dark most of the time, because exposure to sun light may cause burns and abrasions to the skin. Because of lack of sun light, the skin reacts by appearing pale, and takes on a tight shrinking appearance, when this happens around the mouth the area the canine teeth appear more prominent, and making the canines look like fangs. These are just some of the symptoms of this disease, that doctors are finding this hard to diagnose, because of it being so rare. Because of the similarity to the supernatural creature the vampire people have nicknamed this the vampire disease, and in doing so they have branded the suffers vampires.

What is vampire disease.

Known as Porphyria by the medical professions is, a rare genetic, disorder in each Porphyria is a specific enzyme, which is needed to complete, each step on the pathway to produce, haem is faulty (haem is used in haemoglobin, the red blood pigment, which carries oxygen) as a result Porphyrins accumulate and cause severe medical problems, but haem levels are maintained so Porphyrias rarely cause anaemia. The type ofPorphyria varies according to the enzyme step which is affected. The Porphyrias are broadly categorised into acute and cutaneous (skin)

What are the main symptoms of acute Poryhyrias.

Severe stomach pain or pain in the back, legs, and arms.




Dark purple or brown, coloured urine.

Muscular weakness.

Psychiatric symptoms.


What happens to the cutaneous (skin)

Photo-sensitivity leading to burning and itching, or skin lesions and fragile pale skin after exposure to the sun. because of dehydration of the skin takes on a tight shrinking appearance.

Why do people call it vampire disease.

[youtube=] Porphyria portrays the characteristics of a vampire from the life style and appearance of the suffer. Some people believe they have found the answer to the vampire myth, and maybe the reasons for the storeys that have spanned the globe for centenaries, due to this disease.

Living with Porphyria is a different story.

A woman spent 13 weeks in hospital and underwent rehabilitation, after suffering, from major nerve damage. The woman has on going issues with abdominal pain and back pain also pain in her limbs, she has suffered from attacks, that showed themselves as convulsions. All this is controlled by the right diet and keeping away from things that could precipitate in another attack.

A young man was vomiting on average thirty times day, he was placed on a haem drip and treated. The out come is unknown.

How is Porphyria treated.

Withdrawing precipitating factors.

Haem arginate (via drip)

Maintaining nutrition.

Dose this still sound like a vampire to you, yes they may need blood transfusions but they don’t drink it.


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