Thursday, December 14

Choosing Wedding Music That Means Something

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Begin collecting your music months before your wedding. If I was to get married again, here are some of the things that I would consider and I would begin months before the wedding!

1. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. This was the song we used instead of the traditional Wedding March. It was the perfect choice! But check out #5… that’s where we ran into trouble.

2. The song that became your song while you were dating. Do you have one??

3. Music that you listened to as teenagers. My husband and I grew up in different countries, so incorporating music from England and Canada would have been fun!

4. Music that was popular the year each of you were born. Your parents should be able to help you pick out the perfect song!

5. Your First Song… try to actually dance to it before you give it the thumbs up. It might start out the way you want it too… slow and romantic, but does it pick up tempo later on making it difficult? Our song was Stairway to Heaven, and while it made the perfect “Wedding March”,  it didn’t make the best “first dance” as we found out on the dance floor.

6. Your DJ… are you going to have one? If that is your decision, be sure to ask your friends for recommendations. He can make your day perfect or ruin it completely!

7. Musicians… my son had a violinist play at his wedding and it was beautiful. The young man was lost in his own music, making it even more perfect!

8. The music played at the ceremony should be different from the music played at the dinner. We were married at Christmas time, so choosing music to be played during dinner was easy for us. Consider the time of year for your wedding dinner and then choose appropriately. You might also want to consider where the wedding is being held. Again, my son’s wedding was held in Jamaica so incorporating Jamaican music into the background would have been an obvious choice.

9. Music for the Reception… You might want to consider music that would appeal to every age group attending. Some songs could be for fun, some for the parents of the bride and groom… even a song for the grandparents. I know that it’s your day, but it is nice to make everyone feel special.

10. First Dance Tips… Ask the parents if they really want to do the “father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance. For me… I was too emotional so I was glad that they didn’t incorporate this into their wedding. But if it was important to them, I would have found a way lol…  


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