Friday, December 15

Spirit Helper

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When Halloween comes around, there will be  in many houses, all kinds of decorations with the Halloween them. Have you ever stopped to think of the witch and her black cat?

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The black cat has been, the most popular creature associated with a witch. Many people believed that all witches kept familiars. A familiar is a helper spirit, these were small creatures, frogs, birds, and snakes, but the main one we all see with to day with a witch is, the black cat.

The black cat was said to have been a witches companion to help her mistress enhance her witchcraft. As we all know cats can see well in the dark. There eyes reflect light which enables them to get a double dose of the available light, coupled with there black fur, this made the black cat look like an excellent spy for her mistress. Because they thought a black cat could not be seen in the dark, it would easily sneak around close to unexpected people, that the witch may want to place a curse on them. The superstitions, seem more believable, and it magnified that the black cat was a evil messenger working for the witch.

In the 15th century witch hunts were taking place across Europe, in an effort to stamp out pagan religions. The witch hunters believed this was another way to reveal a witch, by her having a black cat in her house or around her property. A witch hunt would end with a witch being burnt at the stake, and the cruelty would end with the death of her cat.

Image via Wikipedia

Cats are loyal creatures often spending their life time with the same person. They show devotion to there owners. They are nocturnal and like to roam at night, but always return home. There are many breeds of cats. They like to show affection and often enjoy sitting on laps. is it easy to see why they put a witch and cat together, or is it?


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