Friday, December 15

The Iron Horse Stories (Part Two)

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Continued From Part One:

                                                But I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments on the train as well. As a teenage, I’ve taken the train to school 5 days out of the week to my high school, and this day wasn’t any different. Only problem was that I was always running late. So of course one day as I was running towards the 14th street station to catch the 6 train going to school with my backpack on one shoulder, I had ran down the stairs to see the door closing on the train. I had just got my skinny self in the train just in time. There were no seats, so I’d just stood there to catch my breath until my stop came.

                                                Three stops had passed and now my stop is here. So as I’m about to leave, I get jerked back. I go to turn around to see my backpack on the outside of the train with me still holding on to the strap. So I was basically stuck until there was a stop where the door I was leaning on would open, but that wouldn’t be for another two stops. So I had to stay calm and cool because no one saw me, on a crowded train surprisingly. 42nd street finally arrives and I couldn’t be any happier. Of  course there were people on the platform waiting on the train with the only weird looks on their faces seeing a backpack stuck on the outside of the train car. Once the door opened, I had ran up the stairs with my head down as fast as I could and went across to the other side to catch a downtown 6 train going back one stop to my school. The good news, I had finally got my backpack back and went to school. The bad news, the incident had not only made me miss my class, but it had also given me a one way trip to night school to make that class up for I have missed an important exam that day with no make. But hey, it was an adventure itself, right?

                                                This may sound bad, but at the time, it’s just downright funny to me. Summer is probably the worst time to even ride the train. The fastest, but definitely not the best during that season. Now everyone that rides the train knows that mass transit is not known for having the best air conditioned systems out there. That’s why when there’s a train where one car has air conditioning and the other doesn’t have, you do what you have to do and chose. Either you want to sweat like a pig and stay put or do you want to run up into the next car where it’s nice and cool.

                                                What gets me going sometimes is just standing right by the window where you could see the car that is heated while I’m in the cool car to see at each ride who’s going to stay and who’s going to go into my car. It’s funny to see the reactions on some people’s faces when I observe all of this but after a few stops, it gets ridiculous. I mean sure it’s good to go into a nice air conditioned car to stay cool, but when you have enough people in one car that could fit three cars, and then it’s just not cool anymore. Between the body heat of the people that came in from the outside heat itself and the people who are already in, you’re either going to be just as hot again, or you’re probably better off calling sick the next day because you’re going to catch a bad cold. Can’t have too much of a good thing, right?


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