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Superstitions That Kill

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Superstitions all over the world, are a belief that future events are influence by specific, behaviours. Examples of superstitions, vary greatly from one country to another, all in the aid to bring good luck and to fend of bad luck.

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How many of you will not walk under a ladder? The logical thoughts on this are people have to lean a ladder against a wall of a building because, they need to reach the height of the building and maybe carrying something as well, this object may fall on you, so it is safer not to walk under it. This is were the superstition comes in. because the ladder makes a triangle, some people believe this triangle that the ladder has created, brakes the holy trinity, if you walk through the middle of the triangle you are breaking through the good energy that it creates. Triangle=3 sides=Trinity. I am one of these people, that avoids walking under ladders even, though I never knew the real superstition and reasons why, the only knowledge, and belief I had was something bad was going to happen, if I did this.

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Superstitions play a big part in the world and influence people in many cultures to take superstitions to extreme behavior, in such away that it leads to inhumane murders, dragging a strong belief to the superstition to fever point.

Africans believe in witchcraft.

Witchcraft is one of the believed, and deadly superstitions in Africa. Most Africans believe that witches, are real, and very much active in their community. They believe witches cause.




Business failures,




Childbirth difficulties.

In June of 2001 villagers of Congo’s north-east provinces, began a mass witch hunt, ridding their village of all suspected witches, no one was safe from this killing spree. The suspected witches were subjected to violent machete attracts, being burned alive, and inhumanly beaten into confession to implicate other people as witches.

Executions were started and over, three hundred villagers were killed on the first day of these witch hunts. The death toll, reached nearly eight hundred, victims. The ones that escaped to safety were branding machete wounds. A woman that escaped nearly had her arm severed from a machete.

Something had to stop this mass murdering. The Ugandan army tried to help, but they just slowed the killings down. The villagers were driven by their superstitions towards witchcraft that sent them into witch hysteria.

Superstitions are beliefs that are handed down over the years sometimes they are so strong the consequences are unthinkable as they appear be run under a superstitious belief.


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