Sunday, December 17

Jovit Baldovino – First Pilipinas Got Talent Winner

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Jovit Baldovino

A grand winner of Pilipinas Got Talent. Jovit is a 16 year old kid from Batangas.
Amongst all of the contestant Jovit talents voice overwhelmed the fans and judges.
His Idol and favorite singer is Arnel Pineda a vocalist of the band Journey.

Jovit most sang song is Carrie,

As a kid Jovits have passion in music. He knows how to play a bass guitar no one teach him how to play a bass guitar only by observing and practicing the bass guitar he manage learn. In his hometown in Batangas Jovit wants to hangout in videoke bar. Most of him kabarangays or people in the area that knows Jovit requested him to sing. He sang for them till they drop.

most of people know Jovit told him that he have a powerful voice, they told Jovit that he should join a singing contest.
Amongst of all the contestant of Pilipinas got talent jovits earn the most high scores by the judges and thru text vote. his voice is very powerful that can make the Filipino viewers says the he is the true Pilipinas got talent winner.

Winning Pilipinas got talent is not easy there are some negative feedback and rumors saying that faking that he is not really poor kid from Batangas. but people have decided and put Jovit on the top amongst all the contestant.

most song that Jovit sang is song by Queen and Journey. His idol Arnel Pineda a new Journey vocalist. Jovit dream duet with Arnel Pineda.


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