Monday, December 11

It's Not Just Black And White

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Why the white witch?

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A white witch or someone how is said to perform white witchcraft, implies she would refrain from using magic to deliberately cause harm to other people. Many a white witch was classed, or looked upon as a good witch, healers, witch doctor and shamans. People viewed theses witches in a good light.

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Why the black witch?

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The black witch or someone who is said to perform black witchcraft, implies she would use dark magic, to deliberately cause harm or to steal, injure and bring down bad luck for personal gain with no regards for the harm that they have caused. The black witch was seen in a dark light.

There is no real difference between them it is the witchcraft that is looked upon. Black witchcraft, and white witchcraft are both the same, with the witch hunts and the witch-finders the term white witch, quickly turned into calling them black witches, half of the accused black witches were white witches (healers) to begin with.

How did this happen?

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The way people at the time viewed the type of witchcraft they thought these witches were practising good or bad, it was in the eyes of the beholder that any magic can have both good and bad consequences depending on who judges those consequences.

Why use these terms in the name?

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The possibility of the term white witch, may have been to counteract the prejudice towards people that did the witches harm, before new age ideas became more popular.


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