Monday, December 11

Why Write in Bukisa?

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Bukisa I personally think is the place where people of metal are giving in their best.

In most websites writers are drawn in by the money they offer. In Bukisa the money is of course good but most writers, I guess, are here to get read by not just writers but by authors. When a reader leaves his comment it is exciting. But it takes guts to accept critical analysis and comments from writers in Bukisa. Most of them are writing in Bukisa for evaluating themselves and their writing skills. While you would have been rated excellent in most sites it is difficult to be rated good in Bukisa.

The writer in Bukisa needs to have a well thought out topic in his mind before he starts keying in. In all other sites the article starts with a big bang and ends with a whimper. When a writer’s work is appreciated in Bukisa it is a hallmark. You can get compliments for free in most other sites. The writer gives his best in Bukisa as he is doing it for gratification and not for money. As it is for money primarily done in all other sites the quality of the article is a million dollar question.

You can simply become a member in most of the sites giving in your basic details. In Bukisa you are more or less here by invitation.


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