Monday, December 11

An Unforgivable Pun For An Unforgivably Good Film

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William Munny: Clint (I can direct and act at the same time) Eastwood

Little Bill Dagget: Gene (You’ll like me at the beginning but not later) Hackman

Ned Logan: Morgan (I somehow end up in every film because of my voice) Freeman

English Bob: Richard (I was a better Dumbledore than Michael Gambon) Harris

Despite a rocky start to this deceivingly macho film comes a beautifully acted and surprisingly thought provoking Western which makes me reconsider the credibility of the genre. It takes a step away from the mindless killing of old style Western’s and even finds time to ask some disturbing moral questions while at the same time quenching any red blooded male’s thirst for unadulterated bloodshed. 

The Main Plot; in a nutshell; a prostitute gets some cuts on her face from a randy customer and as payment Little Bill (Gene Hackman) decides that giving their pimp some horses will sort it all out. The prostitutes; scorned and disliking being likened to horses get all pissed off and use all of their hard earned money (another beautiful pun) to put a bounty on the blokey’s heads. What follows are several scenes depicting Little Bill’s, “I ain’t takin’ no s*** attitude”, one with an unexpected yet expectedly brilliant appearance from Richard Harris. Meanwhile William Munny (Eastwood) a retired ruthless Cowboy sets off with a partially blind teenage wannabe Cowboy who predictably ends up being a wimp and a weary Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman, in a Western?! I’m not usually a fan but he provides a nice performance) to whore themselves to the prostitutes; beautiful irony. 

The biggest downfall to this somewhat superb and engrossing film is a shoddily put together toddler-esque gravestone with horribly pretty writing. How can a such a small detail ruin a film I hear you cry?! Very bloody easily! But if you want an entertaining film, go no further, once you’re through the first ten minutes and have gotten used to the horribly false and comical ‘Cowbooooy Twang’ you’ll be set for an good two hours.

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