How to learn to speak Greek today

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Step 1

Learn to speak the Greek alphabet here:

Step 2

Learn basic vocabulary words and practice using them with this great and free language program:

Step 3

Once you learn the basic vocabulary words, expand your vocabulary by purchasing a basic dictionary. Make sure it has translations from and to English and Greek languages.

Step 4

Take a highlighter and mark the most common words you use in everyday conversations. Then practice learning these Greek words.

Step 5

Once you have a good base of basic vocabulary words memorized, check out these software programs to learn how to put your vocabulary words into sentences: or

Step 6

Find a friend to practice your new greek language with. Search on for a language group learning the same language as you. Also, try typing in “language exchange” on to find new friends to practice learning languages for free, together.

Step 7

Have fun throughout the process. Try to learn a little bit each day. Make it a routine. It’s often much better and easier to learn a new language in small steps than try to cram everything in one day a week. So set aside as little as 10 minutes a day, everyday, to start learning your new language! Please post comments and tips to help others who are learning the same language. You may also let others know if you would like to study online together.


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