Monday, December 18

Election in The Philippines

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Asia is consider as one of the biggest continent worldwide. Within that continent there are countries that had there own unique jurisdiction and policy. Some are republican, some are promoting monarchy, some are democratic, and a few are following communism. 

Considering Philippines, it promotes a republican government. Where you can choose a leader by the rights of voting. An individual who reaches the age of 18 has the right to vote. 

Before election, candidates are starting to roam around the country to sell their selves in order to become popular. Popularity is indeed a major tool that brings an impact to the society. Once you gain such, people will tend to trust you and vote you unwisely. Some are posting and putting their selves on television ads to promote and become popular. 

Most of the candidates are spending millions on or before election. You can sometimes think how they can manage to cope up their loses after election. That’s the reason why the word corrupting indulge on every innocent minds. 

Considering the words election day, It should be a special day amongst every individual cause that day they can exercise their rights to vote. However, considering the situation that we normally observed, some places in the Philippines are not really promoting peace during election. It only shows that some people had a boastful greedy character. 

Most likely, violence is striking and vote buying is really relevant in some areas of the country. Many amongst corrupt minds are victims of such. One thing that we can consider why these things are happening it’s because of poverty.

Election in the Philippines already passed by. We already had a new president and some newly elected officials. With that passed election, hope that we can see the difference before and soon.  We need to grow and develop. Hope in 6 years the country will strive hard for development. We need to act and help our officials that way we’ll experience progress. 

Go Philippines! we can do it. 


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