Saturday, December 16

The Importance of Personal Space

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You can see a problem stemming from overdoing, overcrowding, over the top living in some of the rage reactions and cold hearted meanness of people these days. If a person does not have any physical or mental space allocated for themselves at work and again at home; then they are going to be the first ones to over react when being forced to wait in lines, or on a crowded highway with nowhere left to go or when their world seems to close in on them financially. Suddenly, it is over the top important that everyone get out of their way or do everything as they see fit or within the time they themselves have deemed appropriate. The reason being that it is just another situation that they can’t have their way toppled on many other situations that wind up choking the life out of us and sucking our souls dry and when we don’t nourish our own souls; we tend to take it out on everyone around us. 

Creativity, pleasure, kindness, love, etc. thrive on having your own personal space and withers when we lack this very basic and fundamental freedom of self. Each of us is different in what we require when it comes to this issue. One person can live in a one room apartment, work in a small area with a lot of noise, have a very busy social life, etc. and be very happy with the amount of mental and physical limitations in their lives. Other people are not happy unless they are working in a quiet environment, or on 40 acres of land, or maybe even in the middle of a forest. It is worth the effort to figure out the right amount of space that you require in your life on a daily basis because if you are not getting enough space you can start now and make some changes so that you can free up some negative toxins in your soul. 

Most people do not think we need to be concerned about how much personal space we all have or need; but you can very easily see the negative results when we are all “forced” against our will to live our lives in environments that are contrary to our very basic simple nature. When you take care of your own needs it is not always selfish; but it can help us all to get along and also enjoy this life that we have been given.


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