Friday, December 15

7 Bad Habits Age You Faster

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(1) frequent exposure to the SUN: You know it, your worst enemy – UV rays! Excessive UV exposure leads to premature aging of skin because sunlight will directly damage the skin deep elastic fibers and collagens resulting in facial wrinkles. Therefore, remember to use a good-quality sunscreen regularly whenever you are out in the sun.

(2) stay up is the best time to restore your beauty, as it is the time when your body’s meridians flow to the kidney & liver. Without adequate rest, these two important organs will stop detoxing your body & the ugly signs will show up on the skin, prone to rough surface & dark spots. For people not used to going to bed early, no later than 1 am is the far cry from your liver for rest.

(3) smoking, drinking and nicotine will contract the blood vessels in your skin, less blood supply means less nutrients to & less detox from your skin, so smokers generally look at least 10 years older than non-smokers peers. Similar action from alcohol but it will also reduce the amount of oil in the skin, leading to skin dehydration & hence wrinkles.

(4) insufficient water: Water is the source of life as it is the key to accelerate your metabolism & eliminate the waste from your body. Not only do you need to add enough hydration into your skin care, but also you have to drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water every day & stay away from caffeine-rich drinks(which would dehydrate your skin further).

(5) lack of exercise:  Appropriate amount of exercise can promote blood circulation to stimulate the renewal of skin cells, and it also help with the release of endorphins making you happy & hence younger mind & body. Also, skin is the largest organ to eliminate the waste from the body from sweating, so you know why you have to get moving!

(6) excessive facial expressions : Everyone got a way to express themselves but too much facial movements will lead to the early arrival of your enemy – wrinkles; one example is “worry lines” between your brows from frequent frowning. You may have noticed that a woman looking 10 years young tends to be very stable emotionally.

(7) poor diet style: Certain food, such as junk, spicy or fried, is like a time bomb for the skin. Just too much rubbish for your body to handle & the waste will keep accumulating in your skin. So adopt a healthy diet for the love of your skin; for example, vitamins in fruits and vegetables support & strengthen your skin. Also a lot of anti-aging skin care products are made from natural plants/fruits.

Changing all these bad habits will definitely slow down your aging clock, but to defy aging you will also need to use regular anti-aging face treatments to win the battle.


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