Sunday, December 17

Why Complimenting Other People Makes You Feel Good

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When you give out a compliment to someone or even to an organization etc. you truly are giving something out to the universe; a positive statement or uplifting attention feels good for the giver and for the receiver. Human nature rewards us for giving of ourselves with a warm fuzzy feeling and a feeling of belonging. It can pay high dividends to budget some time and patience to acknowledge others actions and positive qualities; it will also get you yourself to pay attention to the positives you see day in and day out. The best part is it doesn’t cost any money to give someone a compliment; now that is a big bargain. 

It is nice to receive compliments from the people close to us and sometimes it is even nicer if the compliment comes from a stranger because they are unbiased and usually have no other interest in stating a compliment other than just to acknowledge something good. Of course, if the stranger is a sales person or someone trying to get you to do something for them, then we become suspect, but your intuition can usually screen these folks out. 

There is another uplifting positive cause and effect universal law that happens when we are sad or somewhat upset about something and yet out of the blue someone reminds us we are special. The person giving this compliment does not have to know anything about our experience at the time and yet just this act of kindness can make our day or even change our lives. You can never be sure where someone is at in their thinking and the compliment that you give can truly be a life saving gesture; that is why you get the warm fuzzy feeling because your intent is to help someone and you don’t have to expend much energy to get a great reward. 

That is why we should all keep practicing the art of giving out compliments so it can be second nature to us. It is like any other habit or skill or muscle that the more we use it; the better it is to use and it becomes second nature to us. I can remember times in my own life when I was down in the dumps and out of nowhere someone gave me a compliment and changed my whole outlook!


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