Thursday, December 14

Shortlist Your Employer Before You Are Shortlisted

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Demand and supply plays a very vital role in selection for a particular position in an organization. Whenever an employer finds that there are plenty of applicants for the position advertised, the employer becomes demanding during the selection. On the contrary when the number applicants are scanty and the positions are plenty the employer has little choice.

As a fresher with a University degree mostly you come across employers seeking experience for every job they advertise. Who then gives a fresher the experience? The employer specifies through his advertisement many things which you are not even aware of. In case you meet most of the specifications you may be shortlisted for a written test. This is to understand how well you are equipped with the requisite knowledge for the position. Individually you were found fit.

In case you succeed in the written test you will be asked to join a group discussion.  How well you assert yourself in a group and gain acceptance of others is judged. Rather your skills are being evaluated. When you succeed you are then put onto a personal interview to understand your attitudinal aspects. When you are found to meet the knowledge, skills and attitude that the employer feels adequate for the position you are hired.

The catch is you may not want to join an employer who finds you good.

Hence is it not advisable to shortlist the employer you wish to join and then go through the whole process?

For in the end even if you are shortlisted by the employer you are not sure you wish to join in the former, whereas you will be definitely interested in taking up the job in the latter.


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