Lifeway Worship Unveils Songmap, The Next Technology in Digital Music

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Largest Known Recording Project in Nashville History

LifeWay Worship made music news today when it announced it will release SongMap, the latest technology in digital music, on Monday, February 9, 2009.  SongMap is an new internet application that users will be able to use to create custom arrangements of songs to make their own audio files as well as sheet music. The SongMap technology was unveiled today at the LifeWay corporate headquarters in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

SongMap is exciting because it is the first web-based technology of its kind. With SongMap, users can pick and choose each section of songs they want: verses, choruses, transitions, etc., in the keys they want to use. Then they will be able to download the SongMap sheet music and audio files that go with the arrangements they put together.

SongMap technology is unique in that it comes from the church to help music ministers have more flexibility arranging songs in a church setting. But SongMap technology will not just be limited to churches. It can be used by anyone with an Internet browser.

“SongMap is the first technology that gives users the ability to change songs on the Internet to meet their own tastes,” said director of LifeWay Worship, Mike Harland. “Some churches need sheet music for a full rock band each week, while others rely solely on accompaniment tracks. We set out to find a way to help these churches create music that suits their congregations. In doing so, we created a new music technology that does what none other has done before.”

LifeWay Worship will have over 100 songs available through SongMap. The SongMap selections will range from traditional hymns to contemporary worship songs.

It took a team of software engineers and music professionals three years to develop SongMap. Nearly 1,000 songs and 8,000 mixes were recorded by over 150 professional musicians, vocalists and engineers in just 10 months for SongMap. The SongMap project was the largest recording project in Nashville history, and that is saying a lot for the city known as Music City, USA.


LifeWay Worship Unveils SongMap – New Innovation in Digital Music

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