Thursday, December 14

How to Use Your Time Constructively When You're Unemployed

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The more time we have on our hands the more time we waste because, well, we can! It is in the nature of all human beings to be ubber organized and efficient with our resources when we have told ourselves that we are under some deadline or impending doom. It can be compared to the flight or fight response because we have programmed and taught ourselves that unless we get a message that states we have to get moving; we don’t. So when you first start out being unemployed you can be very diligent using your strong willpower and discipline to get back on the horse so to speak. Well, that behavior tends to change after many rejections, surprises, new lessons, new information we hadn’t thought of, and generally an acceptance that this situation may be in our lives longer than we had anticipated. It is at this stage that we have to incorporate the best “get moving constructively and stay moving constructively” policies. You have to know yourself well enough to know what motivates you so that you can have a plan that you will not fall down on in another week, or month or so. 

You will find that all of your working friends and family may offer some real sound advice right now; but if they are not currently in the brink treading water with you; it is hard for others to give out good pertinent advice or understand where you are coming from, right now, today. Recently there have been unprecedented events in everyone’s work life or lack of and you have to roll with the times and current climate if you don’t want to stagnate or get lost in the shuffle. 

One concept that is different now than ever before is that “pounding the pavement” is an outdated technique to spend your job hunting time wisely. (If this method still works for you, that’s fine, too) These days you are much more prone to either find work or keep yourself constructively active if you are on the computer a certain number of hours per day. Now, of course that does not mean just surfing the net or checking on the latest celebrity gossip; you do have to visit the job sites and advice columns, etc.   

It is also imperative that you find time for an outlet for your stress, frustration, confusion, etc. because you have to take care of The Golden Goose, which is you. A hobby, exercise, sleep, journal, etc. will all be a part of your time management, too. Life needs to be balanced so that you do not burn out on depression or overzealous expectations.


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