Sunday, December 17

Trying to Get it Together

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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use  I’ve been posting to xomba quite a bit lately and I’m fairly sure I have been accumulating points and money for these posts.  It’s just very aggrivating that I can’t set this thing up properly. 

Anyway, I’ve spent two hours signing up to different money making sites.  Gather was my very first site and I am still partial to it.  Redgage is another that, if you stick with it, shows alot of promise.

I also use Swagbucks and Mypoints for most searches and so far Swagbucks is moving right along. 

Another Gather member mentioned the site  This seems to be a site that may deserve more of my attention.  Then, there’s Pointsand  You search within the site for point words.  The amount of points you need to claim a prize is pretty outrageous considering the reward.  But, I do only do this about ten minutes a day, so I don’t really have many complaints.  Another post for rewards site is Bukisa.  Though, I have only made eighteen cents so far.  I just haven’t really been trying on that site yet. 

I am quite sure there are many others out there.  If anyone has any other info on it please feel free to leave a comment.


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