Sunday, December 17

By The Time You Read This, I’ll be Dead by Julie Anne Peters

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     This is a book not to be played with. Its topic talks about a deep situation and when you read it takes all you have not to cry. You could never think that anyone could treat a human being so badly. Or that Daelyn could think such horrible stuff about herself. The story starts with Daelyn sitting on her bench and waiting for her mom, when a boy comes and tries to get her attention. He introduces himself as Santana and has a carefree personality that I like considering his circumstances. Daelyn will not give him the time of day until later on in the book though. Daelyn then discovers this Website for people who are “completing” and makes an account. Her Date of Determination is 23 days away and she wishes it was a shorter time. Daelyn goes on the site practically everyday and enters in stories from her past that made her decide to complete and they broke my heart. After getting used to Santana, Daelyn finds out that he has cancer. This made me wonder could it get any worse. Almost to the end of the book she tells Santana what she did to make her mute and Daelyn starts to think about things: her parents, Santana, Emily, and just her life. That is all I can tell you without spoiling the ending but you will be surprised and slightly angry.

     My thoughts on the book are sad. I was reading Daelyn’s thoughts and feeling her emotions. Bullying has and is happening to me and sometimes I feel trapped, but never compelled to kill myself. I think that if I do, what will it solve? Bullies will still bully and the world will go on. I wish that there was someone to tell this to Daelyn. Suicide is serious. And not worth it.


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