Monday, December 18

The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy

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This is my review for the book The Cinderella Society By Kay Cassidy. When I received this book, it came as a huge surprise. I was laying in my bed, bored out of my mind, when my grandma comes in and throws a mail package unto my bed. I hurriedly rush to open it because book or no book, I just plain like mail. I tear the box open and inside is this beautifully covered pink hardcover. You can’t believe how happy I was! I open the cover to smell the pages like the bibliophile that I am and a business card falls out. I am wondering why I got this book so I email her and ask why. She sends back saying that I had won it. And yes, I know how typical it sounds, but I never win anything. So seriously this book was a gift from God for little old me.

     The book’s main character is 16-year old Jess Parker, who is your average loner and outsider. She has a crush on the unattainable jock and is horribly picked on by the “mean girls” at her school and is glad the school is getting out for the summer. While cleaning out her locker on the last day, an envelope and pin falls to the floor at her feet. It seems to be an invitation to a local coffee shop. Jess begrudgingly goes and discovers that she is being considered for The Cinderella Society. The society girls clean Jess up and make her her own woman. Soon Jess is taking up major responsibilities of the society and going on dates with unattainable jocks. But kids are still getting hurt and when Jess wants to stir up the sand a bit, the society wants to hold her down. Jess loves being in the society and like Ryan, but at what cost?

     Kay Cassidy is a goddess. She truly wrote one into this book, also. Jess is the person that every shy and invisible girl wants to be in high school. Jess is head-strong and heart strong. When the society helped her find herself and turned her loose, Jess walked behind them, beside them, and then in front of them. She is honestly an idol.


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