Monday, December 18

How to Give up The Clutter Habit

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Being organized and efficient sets your life into a better balance all around. That is why you will see that a lot of the best advice given regarding keeping your life less stressful advocates a “clean” start with throwing out the old and unusable items (this can be tangible things and also ideas and beliefs about those things) and finding out how much abundance you already have in your life now by keeping the trusted true items you need and getting in some new items you didn’t even know you needed. 

When we start collecting anything that becomes clutter, be it papers, coupons that are expired or that we will never use, furniture, magazines or anything for that matter; we usually are doing it because of a mindset that I call an attitude of lack. For whatever reason we don’t want to part with truly useless pieces of garbage because our minds are telling us that by keeping all those unused items in the garage or extra bedroom we are “full”, “secure”, “the haves group, not the have not’s”, etc. But what your mind is not taking into consideration is that 80% of this stuff that we keep is can really be useless to us. Now someone else may be in dire need for things that you are hoarding and that is why it is a great thing to network and barter our “stuff” back and forth when need be. But all of the broken down items or replicable items because they are expendable need to be shipped out with the next trash run and you will be making room for more abundance that you really need in your life. 

We don’t realize how much our stuff stresses us out. When you are cleaning your house and you keep moving broken items, etc. from one room to the next you are causing yourself more time wasted and expense because you are showing this crap attention it just doesn’t warrant and you won’t have room or mental air space for your universe to bring in some new improved, fun, exciting worthwhile things and experiences. You may need the unbiased opinion of a close friend to come and initially sort through all of the items you think you could live without; but give them the authority to over ride you if you truly are being silly about keeping a typewriter ribbon you bought in 1981 that you just can’t part with because you think you are going to find another typewriter to match it up with.


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