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How to Fix Ps3 Yellow Light of Death

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What is the PS3 Yellow Light of death? To put it merely, Your PS3 stops functioning and the only point to indicate some issue is a blinking yellow light. Much like the Red ring of passing away in the XBOX and fantastic Blue screens in Vista . Completely ambigious modes of letting you know it isnt working. When you pay so much to buy a item and it conks out. But hey…that’s true of any item, it is just poor luck that you(or I) ended up with the bad product…..I think we are all fairly mature sufficient to realize that every once in a whilst points do go wrong but what we can’t accept may be the fact that the manufacturer doesn’t own responsibility to the issue and wants us to pay for the fix and not just that, they want you to wait a minimum of 6 weeks before you are able to even think about obtaining it back. And now, I’ve come to realise what a rip off this is, especially following successfully fixing my personal PS3 Yellow Light issue. Is there really a PS3 Yellow Light of death Fix? Ok, they fixed every PS3 in 30 minutes and they were pros. Trust me, even you can repair your PS3 and as said in the video most of the Yellow light of death issues is usually 1 from the few root causes.

I fixed my PS3 in 2 hours flat, the first time i took it up and I owe it all to Rob Sheffield of, he was the guy who guided me in fixing the PS3. Sony wasn’t budging from their postion . Just when I as about to give in and send my PS3 for a repair. I chanced upon Rob’s information on PS3 Yellow Lumination of Passing away Repair, I was skeptical in paying cash to purchase a information but then I saw the money back again guarantee….a 60 Day Unconditional Money Back again Guarantee at that.I verified the portal that was in charge of handling the payments and refunds and found that it was handled by Clickbank, a main on the internet retail giant for digital products, I’ve used their services prior to and gotten refunds before on items that I didnt care for. Using the security of a “Unconditional Cash Back Offer”, I went ahead and paid the nominal fee for this guide.

And boy! Was I happy I did. Rob really knows what he is doing, he starts out listing out numerous feasible factors why you maybe facing the PS3 YLOD, for example, How much time will it take a newbie? I’m an ultra newbie and a lazy one at that and I invested a total of 2 hours following purchasing the guide in fixing my PS3. I very first glanced via the ebook and got the main gist of what had to be carried out, but being the lazy dummy that I’m , a book alone wouldnt be sufficient, so I open up the guide videos set up by Rob, following the video information and the ebook, i got started on my PS3 and as I had been functioning on the fix, i had a little query which I had missed within the ebook (even though it was there )…I immediately called up their service number. , and thanks to the awesome support team.

I finished the entire procedure in 15 minutes thereon. Someone was there each and every step of the way, by the end of it, I had been fairly pissed that Sony was charging us 150$ for this. And the finest component of this deal? I created back the money i invested on this information in no time as I helped fix another friend’s PS3 for 27$ and he was more than happy to spend that nominal fee. Completely Worth IT!! My friends think I am some PS3 tech expert I feel that I ought to assure you that I hate HARDWARE…HARDWARE of any type. I dont assemble my Personal PC and also the only thing I like about comps are the games Should you wish to know much more on what precisely I got with this information, read up my article on PS3 Yellow Light Repair Learn more about Rob Sheffield’s guide and let him assist you fix your PS3 ASAP!


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