Monday, December 11

Prepare Your Kids For Next School Year

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              Your kids are happy school is out for summer but if you don’t work with them over the summer they can lose what they already know. This I know to be true because I didn’t work with my son between kindergarten and first grade. He fail behind. He lost some letters, sounds, and numbers. I had no idea this would happen. I have never heard any one complain about this before. No one worked with me over the summer breaks. I thought it was in there it would stay there. But it didn’t.

               My daughter just finished kindergarten and will be going to first grade next year. I will be working with both my kids this summer. If your kids go to a day care center they already do work with the kids. This doesn’t need to take long at all. An hour a day. Half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night. Also have them read to you. A higher grade book does great. Not to high though. They need to be able to read it. They will get discouraged if they can’t read what you have given them to read. If it’s the next grade up and they are having a hard time. Pick out the words they are having trouble with. Write them on index cards and present them as site words. Also, you can use these as spelling words.

                 The whole idea is to get them were they need to be. Maybe get them a head a little. This will help your child better in school. If they are learning every day they will have confidence in them selves. They know they can do it. Letting your child walk into school the first day of school with the knowledge they can do it. It’s a powerful thing for them.


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