Wednesday, December 13

Time Machine For Sale..anyone??

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Time do sprint away by seconds..and all of a sudden when you look at the time, it’s already two hours passed by when it seemed like five minute. Gosh, if only I can went back to past and looked back all the painful and sweet memories since the day I was born. Hey, why don’t any of the out-of-the-world-mind and geniuses thought of time machine? It’s pretty easy, just figure out the way to bend time and space. Then, we get have our very first time machine!

                Many things can be changed.. I think the consequences will be worst if everyone wanted to change the past according to themselves! Maybe there will be no world war and the people of the world live in peace and leaders would never ever thought of claiming other countries as theirs. People can be saved from the nature catastrophic such as massive flood, huge hurricane and even those who been through terrifying avalanche somewhere could be saved on time!

                We can try to prevent global warming before it happened. Although it beyond the rules of nature to changed what has been done, it worth a shot..World will be a better place to live in though the apocalypse will happen no matter what..It’s just that if time could be change, repeat or stop, people can do many things they want to or they desire to..Think again, there will be plenty of reason from everyone in the world to have a time machine. Whether it is for good or bad cause, it sure is something to die for if there is such invention. Like the one we say in a sci-fi movie like Star Wars which is actually beyond human achievement at the present, Time Machine might be possible to be true..We might never know if in the future, new ‘Einstein’ will be born and our live may change….


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