Tuesday, December 12

Thing Girls do Care But Guys Couldn't be Bothered

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These are few things that we care like hell but the guy thought it was ‘not a big deal things’…Most importantly, the we feel that way because we  LOVE our guy..this only limit to those teens in a relationship..Not all guys like this but most of them suit it..take a look and let us agree together..

Girl hate it when..

– guy ‘vanished’ for few days and could not be reach because he is busy or he didn’t reply at all during texting..

Girls: firstly, We will say ‘did i do something wrong??’. We care about our guys and it’s not like the guys have to TELL everything..just tell us by calling or simply text! It wasn’t that hard is it..but Nooo…guy like to do that and keep we wait like crazy..who knows if something bad happens..we think far ahead and when such things happen, the worst thing that we could think of is  ‘Is he going to dump me??just like that?….’.it will spoil our day right away..even week!

Guys: they thought it wasn’t a big deal ‘Nah, it just for few days..when i come back i’ll call her’..for god sake who knows when they will call..it’s not like we are some sort of psychic who knew the future..the guys will be mad if their we got angry at them when spilling our worry-like-mad stuff when he called and make fun of it..then, maybe a fight will start..and the rest is history…

Solution : It’s damn easy! guys tell the us that he will be busy or if he in the middle of something so that the we knew and everything will be ok..that is SO simple!

guy forgot special date like valentine’s date, her birthday, their ‘special’ day or other important could-not-be-forgotten-or –you-are-so-dead meat stuff.

Girls : they will wait excitedly few days before the big day come..to make it easier for the guys, they even give tonnes of hint to them hoping that they realised it and the least they can do is wish!! But when the day come, no text or call…not even a simple and sweet wish!!..girls will look all over her cell, Facebook, Myspace, twitter and even ask his buddies if he might be planning something special..but nothing..

Guys: Lame reason.. ‘ sorry babe, i’m totally busy and it just slip of my mind, forgive me will you’ with a cute-and-innocent face each time!! Simply no sorry..how can the guys forgot..Hello..what’s the use of reminder..to-do-list..calendar in the cellphone if they didn’t used it!!this is not the Flintstone era..or simply write on post-it note and stick it everywhere that will make them remember..Gosh!! We can’t accept that happened!

Solution : Guys will make a note when they knew about the date stuff and try to keep it in mind. We do like it when guys remembered the important day and that is the best thing ever… uke, there’s nothing more that we want than that..at the moment

  • guys ignore girls feelings when she try to share something and hope the guys can help or maybe just be a good listener..but instead the guy will make why-are-you-telling-me-all these-stuff-that-i-don’t-even-want-to-know face..

Girls: they hope for some kind of different solution of the problem because the guys might think and react differently..HOPEFULLY..and that’s the only things they need! But again…guys could not been bothered about silly-little-girls problem even if it’s not silly or even means a lot to the them..’hey, don’t just be with me when i’m happy and leave me with my problems like this’..that is the normal thing we will say and two things will happen..it’s either the guy help us through it and everything will be normal soon or they guy just leave us like that and let us suffer through it….and make some of us hate boys after that

Boys:  Listening is the last thing they want to do..’I do have plenty of stuff to do than listening to her problem for half an hour..and try to fix it for another half an hour’..he wouldn’t say it but that may linger in his mind..Well, it is not actually hard considering no money will be waste to help us! Girls can’t easily stop thinking about something not like guy..that is the main difference between girls and boys..Helping the girls through it is one of the way to show the love towards them…hey, be supportive will you.

I’m still doing my research on this  kind of stuff…will  you agree on all of this or even any of it? people say ‘boys will always be boys’..I guess it is true.


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