Sunday, December 17

Never to Fly Again

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Never to Fly Again

It was a calm summer day in Grapeville, New Wacko. The sun was spreading its rays all over, which made it difficult to see in some directions. This day has been recorded in the Grapeville history records as being our hottest day in over a hundred years.

Mrs. Zebra was working in her garden, which was located in the backyard of her house. Her son, Tommy, decided to take their dog, Ask-him, for a walk.

Mrs. Zebra was about to go inside for her routine coffee break when she noticed something very unusual up in the sky. There in the clear blue sky she saw something that resembled a cloud, yet she knew it couldn’t be a cloud on a nice day like today. She thought to herself, while also saying it out loud, “That can’t be a cloud, can it? It is moving too fast and besides it is square.” When the object disappeared right before her eyes, Mrs. Zebra went inside to have a cup of coffee or maybe even two.

After she finished her cup of coffee, Mrs. Zebra went to call her good friend Mrs. Fish.

“Hello. Is Mrs. Fish at home?” Mrs. Zebra asked a bit nervous and bewildered.

“Speaking”, Mrs. Fish replied.

“You won’t believe what I just saw about fifteen minutes ago. It wasn’t a cloud but it was floating high in the sky. It was square and had a dark color to it. Right before I came in to have my routine coffee break I saw it disappear into thin air. Am I crazy or what?”

Zebra darling, you must have been imagining something. You know how much coffee you drink every day. That much coffee will give wonders to people who drink it. My gosh.”

“I did see something my dear Fish. The only thing I don’t know is what it was.”

After a short silence Mrs. Zebra said, “I’ll talk to you later Fish. I’ll call you if I see this flying object again. Bye bye.”

“Bye Zebra.”

Mrs. Zebra went back out to her garden again but only after she drank several more cups of coffee. As she was heading outside there in the baby blue sky was the fast moving, square flying object again. It was slowing own as it approached Mrs. Zebra’s property and it began lowering. This object landed then feet away from Mrs. Zebra. She looked startled and a bit confused as she looked at the object then at the boy who was sitting on it. The boy was her very own son Tommy.

“Hello mother. How is your garden going this year?” Tommy said nonchalantly.

Mrs. Zebra stood there and stared at the object which Tommy was sitting cross-legged on. It was an ordinary looking carpet but it wasn’t all the way.

“Mom are you in there? Can you hear me?” Tommy asked his mother, almost yelling.

“Huh? What? Oh, hello Tommy dear. What’s that you are sitting on?”

“This that I am sitting on is called a remote controlled carpet. It is really neat to go flying over the houses to se who is out in their yards. Do you want to go for a ride mother?”

“Sure thing, but is it safe?”

“If it wasn’t safe then I wouldn’t be on it, right?”

“Yes, I guess you’re right. Let me wash up first, alright?”

“OK. I will see you in a few minutes.”

Mrs. Zebra went inside and washed up from her gardening. Before she went back outside she called Mrs. Fish.

“Hello Mrs. fish. You won’t believe this, but it is the truth. The flying object I saw earlier was Tommy and his remote controlled carpet. You know how he likes to control flying objects, Crazy, huh? Right now I am going for a ride with him on it.”

“Mrs. Zebra, you are not fooling me are you?”

“No. I would never fool my best friend. Why don’t you gather up some friends and check this thing out. It is pretty fascinating.”

“Oh I guess. I will be over in about 25 minutes. Don’t let him leave until I get there. See you in a few. Bye.”

“Bye Mrs. Fish.”

Mrs. Zebra went back outside for a ride on this remote controlled carpet of Tommy’s.

“Tommy, where is Ask-him?”

“Jacob has him in the park. I hope you don’t mind because Ask-him is afraid of heights.”

“I don’t mind. Let’s go for a ride now.”

Tommy took his mother up for a ride with the free flying birds. The ride didn’t last very long because Mrs. Zebra got a bit of motion sickness. They were also under a bird when it did its job, so they needed a change of clothes.

When they returned to solid ground Mrs. Fish and a couple other people were already in the back yard waiting to see this so called remote controlled carpet. When Tommy saw them, he got a bad case of the temper tantrums. He said, almost yelling, “What are all these creatures doing here!!?? I didn’t want no one else to know about this! Mother, did you call them when you went to wash up!?”

“Yes I did Tommy. I thought they would like to see your remote controlled carpet also. You know how proud you are of all your remote control’s. Now start behaving like my son Tommy who doesn’t have temper tantrums!”

A few minutes passed in silence. Tommy sat on his carpet in a deep and no disturbing silence, thinking. All of a sudden Tommy jumped off his carpet and onto the grass.

“Don’t call me Tommy or your son again. You shouldn’t have called them!! Now you are all going to have to pay for Mrs. Zebra’s wrong doing”, Tommy yelled, first towards his mom then to the whole group of awaiting and stunned people.

Tommy had turned all the people into one single stone statue. No one heard from those people again. No one knew Tommy was born a warlock. Tommy then turned the carpet back into his dog Ask-him. The two of them eventually took over the state of New Wacko.

After all of this was done, Tommy and Ask-him moved to an island in the Pacific Ocean. They lived off the land and became a hermit and a hermit-dog. The rest of their life’s they were happy and content with themselves.

A few hours later a buzzing noise was hear, then a smack and a crash. Tommy rolled out of his bed to locate where he threw his alarm clock. He found it on the floor smashed to pieces. He stumbled out to the kitchen to eat his breakfast, still half asleep. As Tommy and his dad were eating, Tommy told his dad about this weird dream he had about a flying carpet, how his mom looked like a zebra, and how he turned some people into a stone statue. Both Tommy and his dad had a good laugh that morning. Some days we all feel the need to get away from our families for awhile, even if they have our best interests at heart.


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