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Custom Animated Mylot Banner

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When getting referrals for MYLOT, you will need to place a banner on your website to make it very easy for new members to join. Why not make a clickable banner with your referral link already coded into the banner.

First you need to find a banner you like. Right click on the banner you like to save the image to your computer. Choose your MyLot banners here – MyLot Banners

 Save at least 3 banners of the same size to make a good animated banner . I have selected the following banners to create my custom animated banner .




 Now comes the part of Animating the banner such that these three images appear in a loop . For that visit :


It is better to choose the speed as slow or the banner animation might move very fast .

After you click ” Create Animation ” , you will come to a page like this . This shows that your animation has been created .


 Now you have to induce your referral link into this banner .

So you have to modify the code given in the box for “HTML code for blog/website:”


So in the code modify 


with your referral link of MyLot . So it will come something like this  


So now the Referral Link is induced into your banner . So now you can use it anywhere you want .


 So here is the Sample banner that I had made for you .

create avatar

( I have not put my referral link in the sample banner that I have created as Bukisa doesn’t allow reflinks in its articles .)

Thus you have created your MyLot referral banner . Use it wisely and see referrals pour into your account .



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