How to pick up a coin with a forklift

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You my have heard of people picking up a quarter or some other coin with a forklift. Though to some it may sound extremely difficult I will teach you how to do this and do so with ease. For this we will be using a standard US dime.

Things You’ll Need:

# forklift

# dime

step 1)  One reason this trick seems impossible to many is that they imagine it to be scooping the coin onto the forks. This method would be difficult and possibly impossible BUT just like the Chinese finger trap there is a trick to make it work very easily. Place your fork OVER the coin!

step 2)  Angle the forks downward to apply pressure on the coin via the TIP of the fork.

step 3)  Move in reverse somewhat slowly. You will notice the coin pops and flips toward the forklift. The trick is to do this slowly enough for it not to fly backwards past your forks but quickly enough that it actually comes back onto the forks! Once you get the feel for it, it is easy as can be.


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