Monday, December 11

The Presence of God In Our Daily Lives

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The Presence of God in Our Daily Lives

Many of us tend to ignore the presence of God in our daily lives. But if we just be aware of his loving presence, we will appreciate even the simplest things which are happening in our daily lives. In the morning after we woke up, we are often rushing to go to schools, offices and places of work but we never recognize the warmth of the morning sun touching our face. This warmth of the sun signifies the warm touch of God who greets us a good morning. The warmth of the sun proves that God is present but sadly, we often ignore it. In schools, offices and places of work God never give up in telling us that He is present through the people whom we meet at those places. The simple greetings of our schoolmates,officemates and co-workers remind us that God appreciates us but again we never realize it.

Sometimes when we are troubled and burdensome there are people who will comfort us and cheer us and tell us that we can cope up with our problems and difficulties. It reminds us that God is present through those caring peoples. Through them God tells us that He cares for us and He will always be there to comfort us and cheer us. When we are happy there are people who will smile and laugh with us a reminder that God is not only present in times of difficulties but also in times of joy. Aside from the sun and the people we encounter everyday, nature also reminds us of the loving presence of God but we also seem not noticing it because we always focus on the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Sometimes during breaktime in schools, offices and places of work when we are walking in the parks or places which have many trees, we never pay attention to the chirping and singing of the birds on the trees which can relax and sooth our tired mind and body. It God’s another way of telling us that He can sing for us to relax and sooth our tire mind and body. But again we take it for granted. After a long day of works and studies, when we return to our home from schools, offices and places of work we never allow ourselves to feel the coolness of the afternoon breeze because we are hurrying to go home because we want to watch our favorite television shows, play our favorite computer games and attend to the needs of our families.

This cool afternoon breeze is God’s way of telling us that after a day of studies and works, He wishes to embrace us so that our fatigue and stress which brought by a day’s works and studies will vanish and be replaced by calming presence of God. Lastly, before we go to sleep in the evening we never listen to the sound of the crickets which God’s own way of saying goodnight to us. Truly, God is always present in our daily lives, from the opening of our eyes in the morning til its closing in the evening. The only problem is that we are always absent-minded and we never recognize God’s loving presence in nature and all the people we encounter in our daily lives.


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