Tuesday, December 12

When Managers Have no Assertion Skills

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It’s kind of wrong when you have leaders with no assertion skills. They’re terrible at it when they need to be assertive. I’ve seen enough of it already. I’ve worked under people who have no assertions skills whatsoever. How do you expect to fire the bad guy if you can’t even keep them on their feet? Isn’t that your job? Managers just need to be more assertive. If you aren’t assertive enough then it’s time to learn how to be assertive. This is when you start to realize that you don’t want to mix business with pleasure. There is a reason why people use this saying. It’s difficult to be assertive to your friends. Maybe some of those managers had assertion skills but they only use it on those that are not their friends. Is it fair anymore to let the bad guy do what they do and beat down the good guys? I think that businesses need to be careful about personal relationships at the work place because it could cause you a fortune.

What if an employee is making all sorts of mistakes that could cost your company million dollars of lawsuits? Would you want to get rid of this employee instead of keeping them around? I’m sure the HR manager would love to let them go but how about the manager of that employee. What if the manager of that employee is her friend? Worst off, he has no assertion skills and he can’t even tell her to change some of the bizarre things that she’s doing. I guess this is when work place goes wrong. I’ve seen a few of these scenarios but I guess the managers in these situations just let it slide like a piece of cake and then one date he will regret that he will have to testify in court over a million dollar lawsuit. Yes, people love to sue employers. If you see things like this, you have to put a cap on it. If you don’t, you will have to miss work for a lawsuit one day.

I just don’t like to see employers getting million dollar lawsuit when they can prevent tit in the first place. Yes, you can prevent lawsuits. All you have to do is getting rid of the bad guys.  Believe it or not, your employees are not all angels. I’m sure the HR and IP departments know this too well. How many times have you caught employees stealing from you? Many times right? Employees lie their way into a job but be careful, they will hurt you. I had a terrifying boss at work. I try to get the upper management to fix her but one of the managers just has no assertion skills whatsoever. His count’ even addresses some of the concern straightforwardly. One day authority came to their work place because the problems got out of hands. I guess the manager could have prevented this mess but he had no assertion skills to put the little tiger in her cage. Employers should do everything possible to hire managers with strong assertion skills. If they don’t have it, they should not be a manager.


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