Tuesday, December 12

Would I Date me

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Would I date me? This is a good question to ask yourself when you’re dating. If you say “yes” then people would probably date you too. If you say “no” then you should work on those things that made you say no to yourself. For example, you are not well groom, don’t have a job, mean, treats women badly, cheats, or that you are just not ready for dating. I’ve been on dates where I thought they should have ask themselves this question before going on a date with me. If you don’t even want to date yourself then who would date you. It’s just fair to assess yourself before you go on a date.

If you ask yourself these questions, you should go over the things that you like and dislike about yourself and then fix them. If you don’t even like those characteristics, then your date probably won’t either. For example, you don’t like the fact that you just gain 20 lbs and you look awful in your jeans. You don’t like the fact that you have yellow teeth. You just don’t like looking in the mirror and see it. Perhaps, you should whiten your teeth before your date. I hate to go on date where my date teeth are nothing but yellow. I’ve been on a date and my date’s teeth were so yellow. They were so yellow that I was so turn off that I couldn’t kiss him and they used to be white. It’s very important to clean yourself up and groom yourself before a date. Your date would appreciate your gloominess. You wouldn’t show up on a job interview with yellow teeth so this is the same way with your date.

Maybe, you don’t have a job and you don’t have enough money to go on a date. It’s better to delay your date then to show up on a date and ask the lady to pay. I hate those date and I had some of them. I went on this date and the guy makes me pay. He said that he was trying to save money and didn’t even offer me a drink or himself. It just looks bad so you should never go on a date unless you can afford it unless you don’t mind having your date dish you out. How about your manners? Do you have good manners? Women are all about manners. We love men with manners. Make sure you show your best manners on a date, you should always treat a lady like she’s a lady if you want a second date with her.


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