Monday, December 18

Frustrating Time – What is This

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Ivan T. Sanderson, famous naturalist and scientist, lives with his wife in Haiti. Once they had a strange experience. They are travelling with their assistant during the night to one lake, where they make their biological research. But the car mired in the mud. Frederick stayed near the car and the married couple went for help. And then Ivan saw something interesting:’ I saw storey buildings with different sizes, situated near the road. I don’t know why and how, but I knew they are in Paris. They had wooden doors and small windows and all of the buildings waved in synchrony. My wife told me that she saw the same ‘’picture’’. After moment, we saw Frederick and the strange picture gone.’’

One famous case about frustrating timeis with two English women: Eleanor J. and Charlotte M. August, 1901 walking in Versailles Gardens and … stumbled in the same gardens but the year was 1789. 10 years later their book about this experience, makes scandal. The auditorium is in shock, because looks like these two Oxford’s headmistress are very honest.

1913, Carl Young and his girlfriend are in Ravenna, Italy. They were impressed from the museum of Galla Placidia, built in the 5th century. The museum is famous with his mosaics. The couple was charmed from the tessellated cloth of Jesus Christ, stretched hand to rescue sinking Paul. When they returned, they sent a letter to one their Italian friend. Ask him to buy for them a postcard with this tessellated cloth, if it is possible. But this friend were surprised of the fact – nobody in Ravenna didn’t heard about this.

Maybe these people are victims of hallucinations, but how it is possible to happen in the same time with a both of them?! Cases like these exist a lot. The scientists call them ‘’ frustrating time’’. It means – you can see pictures of another places or objects situated far away in the time and in the space.


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