Monday, December 18

All Meat Chili

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This recipe was given to me from a navy buddy who happens to be a Filipino American. I have had recipes that have a Tex -Mex flavor but this beats them.

You start with all meat. If your on a tight budget you can add pinto beans but I would suggest that you try it with all meat first and if it’s not enough to feed your family add the beans.

You will need 1-pound of ground beef, 1-package of pork chops about four or five, 1-roast, 1 pound of Hot sausages, 1-3 pounds of chuck steak, 1-yellow onion, Black pepper, Soy sauce, Accent sauce, & a jar of Pickled jalapeno.


Cut your meat up into bite size portions. Cook each meat separate and fully. Do not drain the juices you will add them to a crock pot later.

While the meat is cooking prepare your onion and pickled jalapeno by chopping each item up separately by hand into very tiny portions. If you have a electric mini chopper that works better. Put those items into separate bowls and place in the refrigerator until all the meat is cooked.

When you have all the meat cooked and the rest of the ingredients are ready turn on your crock pot to low and add the meats, add union and jalapeno. Stir them together, and begin to add black pepper five to ten pinches, accent salt five pinches, soy sauce about 1/4 bottle, stir again. Wait about 20 minutes stir some more and taste the juice. At this time if you want to add anyone of the ingredients to enhance the flavor this is the time.

Once the slow cooker has gotten hot your ready for some good “CHOW”.

When you serve your first bowl add any kind of cheese you like. You can add hotter chili like Habanero at this time to your own bowl to make it even hotter. Adding crackers, or serving with tortillas is also good.

You can add any type of meat to this recipe or amount of meat, depending on your budget. If your cooking for one person the recipe would need to be cut in half unless you want to save some for the week ahead.

It normally takes about two hours for me to cook all the ingredients and make the chili. I freeze the remaining chili in two or three freezer bags for meals during the month.

I hope you enjoy the flavors and Bon a Petite.


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