Friday, December 15

Chicken With Orange Sauce

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You are hungry but you don’t have any time for cking?! Do you want a delicious dinner within 30min?! Try this easy recipe.

This is very cheap and easy recipe and every one can has success from the first time. So go to the shop and buy these ingredients:


  • 400g chicken meat

  • 300ml cream

  • 150-200ml ketchup/500g tomato sauce

  • spices

  • virgin oil

  • 150-200g mushrooms

Cut chicken meat of rings. Cut the mushrooms of average peaces. Put oil in the pan. Add the chicken rings and the mushrooms and seal them until golden. Add spices like you want. I prefer hot spices for spaghetti, but spice with herbs can be perfect choice as well. Add the ketchup /or you can use fresh tomato sauce/ and mix. Next step is adding the cream. Let it on low heat for 10min. Mixing from time to time.

Note: you can put spices two times – once when you are baking the meat and once when you have sauce on the meat. If you do not like mushrooms – you are freet to let them – the original recipe is without them.

Usually I serve this meat with some green vegetable on it – perfect can be some herb that you like. Next to the chicken meat with orange sauce you can put baken bread or fired crockets – depends o you.

Enjoy my recipe!


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