Tuesday, December 12

Dreaming And Believing

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Dreaming and Believing

I sit here typing out these words. These words are my thoughts. But I wonder if what I say gets any sort of meaning out to those who read what I write. I don’t know for sure. Yet I hope what people read that they’ll also feel or maybe even understand where I am coming from.

I sit here dreaming. A dream of being a freelance writer. I have always loved to write, especially poems and essays. If I want this dream to come true, then I guess I have to start writing other things and in other ways too. So that is probably why my dream of being a freelance writer hasn’t come true yet.

Another thing I think and dream of is moving to a house. It doesn’t matter if I rent or own it. I just want, and need, to move out of this low income apartment complex I currently live in. I’ve grown up and outgrown the kind of people who live in these types of apartment complexes. It’s time I move on. In a way it is time to move upward also.

Still thinking. Still dreaming. Yet I remain here before the computer screen typing away my thoughts, dreams, my inner feelings. But are there people who really understand me for what I am truly saying?

I sit here typing out many words. These thoughts I need to get out. It’s kind of like exploring what’s inside of me when I put my fingers to the keyboard. I wonder though if what I say, feel, think is actually getting through to the who and the what that really matters the most.

I will continue writing, thinking, dreaming. I will continue believing that I can do anything I set my mind to. Most of all I will continue to try to find myself, wherever that may be, wherever that may take me.

Think. Dream. Believe. Continue to move forward and I will eventually land where I was meant to be — where dreams come true and I know I arrived there with me intake. Dreams can only come true if you believe in it and dream it, but you also have to arrive with it when it comes for you.

So follow me on my way to dreamland. Think. Dream. Believe. But, most of all, make dreams happen by moving forward in life, one step at a time.


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