Thursday, December 14

Made-Up Reality

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    The tridimensional perspective of life is an art and radiographing the present we realize that modern civilization  has his own art: the art of dissimulation! We have all turned into thousand of algorithms, we remixed our existence through an experimental game, probably because we have acknowledged the need of oversized global society: TO COMMUNICATE, TO SHARE, TO BREAK DOWN SPACE AND TIME BARRIERS.

    The citadels of stability are far to be conquered and the predicate of  modern world does not sympathize what we call rational approaches. Do you belive in love at first sight? Because the need of exteriorization  led to desire. God heard us and he offered social networking sites. What was next? A lot of sparks and a lot of “ love” for a miracle. From the ancient discussion groups and forums, our love was taken to a next step: to blogs and developed social sites. It is like we are in the Garden of Eden and God tells us:” Ask and it will be given to you”! It is  the same with the social sites founders. Let us be fair! We are addicted to communication so the brands spoil us with promotions and publicity. We are manipulated through marketing e-tools! Can we really be sure vampires do not exist?

    We like to fly and not to walk, to function with hurried thoughts. We are spinning in a circle and the future will be nothing but freedom and no strings attached. Is there anything which cannot really be restrained to borders? Is there something more unscruitinable than Facebook, whose dwellers may populate Indonesia? It attracts people of all ages, being the leader in the UK and USA, and more than that, social networking has become a social proof; their credibility reaching  precious recommendations for businessmen, education institutions etc. Hi5 took Cupid’s role but why does not hit us with arrows? Both Hi5 and Facebook are the embodiment of social life on the Internet,   with its atmosphere full of information, escape from reality, entertainment…evolution!

    While hazards exist, there is a duality of fiction and reality, chances unequaly preffered but equaly possible. Once upon a time will be differently translated .Dreams factories  will go bankrupt and they will revive through online sites and sunsets of normality, through the beginning of a new e-era.


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