Sunday, December 17

my Husband's Ocd

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I just got back from going to the doctor with my husband.  Now, I realize most people can look in from the outside of a family and see the problems within.  It is also very easy to see the triggers of an impending “episode” about to occur.  I personally have Bipolar disorder and have problems seeing my own “episodes” where my husband can see it coming from a hundred miles away.  I can usually see his coming on too.

It is very hard to see it coming when you do not have the knowledge of knowing some of the very important outside factors.  Along with OCD, my husband also has the tendency to lie.  He lies to me, his friends, his family,  I’m not even sure he realizes how much he does it.  He forgets his little stories and such allot.  He mixes them up and when he is “found out,” he gets mad at the people he lied to.

Money is a huge factor for him with this illness.  I am trying to help him with this, but with all that goes on in that mind of his, I really don’t think he knows how silly he makes himself look. 

While we were in the doctor’s office, the worse thing that could happen to a person suffering from OCD actually happened.  We had to wait in the exam room for no shorter of a time than 30 minutes.  By then he had all the holes in the ceiling tiles counted, all the plastic shields for the thermometer counted, every tiny flower on the only painting in the room counted, how many steps it took to go from the exam table to the door.  There was a mirror in there as well and was totally convinced it was a two way mirror and the doctor was watching us.  Now, I’m sure it really could have been, but the doctor has a schedule to maintain and I don’t believe he would even have been watching us even if he wanted to.  My goodness, my husband even tried to pull the mirror off the wall.

They put him on a different medication and now we just wait and see if it works.


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