Saturday, December 16

Hei! You Are Really Not in Heaven.

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Do you belive in faith? Because I don’t. Do you know why some things happen? Because you let them happen. It’s actually a simple mechanism or a life ecuation where you add expectations, plans and efforts, and the result… .It’s still unknown. It deppends of your attitude. Well?!..attitude is actually a big word. Not only because it has seven letters but it guides you life. I understood. You don’t belive in destiny but you should belive in this seven letters.

Maybe you think black is for failure and white it’s something fictional, too perfect. Well, I won’t try to change your perception and not because I’m selfish and I aspire to my own good. I wanna teach you how to think colorful.

First step! Love your mistakes. I mean those little blunders that ruined everything, as you might think. They are yours, you made them in your special way and no one could ever reproduce your sweet little mistake. You may seem funny in front of others or with a little acting you can play a role and that’s all. You know that normal things don’t come out from obscurity. Just something crazy and original.

Secondly….treat bad situation with irony. Don’t let them consume your energy. You rock in everything and something to wake up your humor should happen, right?. Keep your head up and do not behave like as a defeated.

And the third step is on its way coming…!Well 3..2..1.. if you say “Yes, will happen”  you can attract energy on your side and the Universe might collaborate with you. Do not be afraid to think big because those who are in the spotlight eat and go to bed just like you. You can’t? Well say it again after I tell you that if you really want something just go for it and you’ll succed. Just experience this and you’ll see I’m right. There exists two Universal Laws on Earth and one of them says that  what you think, you attract. Do not ever give up.

Have you ever felt that thrill when you said..”Oh! Nothing is prettier than life”. Some of you maybe yes and others no. Well it’s pretty even when you slipped on the stairs in front of the most handsome boy in your highschool. It’s not a big deal. Try to take the full part of glass because generally future reminds you the good parts of what you lived.

As my teaching time has come to an end, imagine life like a piano song. Your fingers bring to life low notes too, otherwise melody would not make sense. Everything has in its essence something pretty! So even you try to reach that perfect white you won’t succed. Don’t worry! It’s better to live in colors….intense, calm, exuberant…they inspire you. And wake up! You are really not in Heaven.


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