Wednesday, December 13

Even Our Soul Can Speak

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In a town where practicly nothing is happening like it’s supposed to be, we are facing gratitude for how do we feel after taking a bath.  Weird or not, it’s maybe to most refreshing moment of the day except when we drink a soda after hours spent in the sun.

Here I am in front of my laptop listening the winamp radio. Either is common or not my expectations regarding the radio stations I listen to, are really fulfilled. Do I have fun? I could say yes, but actually I’m sitting alone with my fears and thoughts or strategies for my immature plans. Yes! I’m preparing again for changes which I like to belive are good. Why to be pleased with something that can be improved?

I have the world hidden in perspectives. Everyday I wear a different one even  I could fall in love or even become addicted of one in particulary. But I have to assume this risk don’t I? It’s like a piano song and its feelings. You would never know which one fits your soul until you try.

And although I’m distracted from dreams and moments of melancholy I wish that sometimes my story could start like this….

…It’s crazziness inside our burning souls. My arm suspended on your hair.. my lips on your neck, wants to abolish your painful thoughts having the need to express how special you are for her.  It’s like a piramide of vibrations which rise and rise until they reach to accomplish what it’s the most precious … . Falling in love with you. Many of my dreams showed you. It’s that a coincidence? Until the very beginning I saw something that even now I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s occurd but I still don’t wanna know. It will destroy the magic. I like to belive it’s in your way of being, otherwise I wouldn’t feel that finally it’s my turn to shake hands with love.


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