Thursday, December 14

Problems in The Mirror

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About a month ago the thought of running away came to mind. Of course, after I though deeply about it, I knew that was not the answer to my problems. Today, I know that I was not about to run away from this town, my family, or even my troubles. I realize now, that I wanted to run away from myself, and the problems I felt were impossble to overcome. Everyday there are problems that we encounter that seem nearly impossible to endure. Everyday. We feel the rain beat down hard on us, and without an umbrella we get soaked in our misery. At times I think that we feel trapped in this chaos, this life. We encounter situations that seem endless, confusing, depressing, and exhausting. So what the hell are we supposed to do? Our problems can be the results of our actions, our way of life, and our thought process. Our problmes are the results of other peoples actions, feelings, and thoughts as well. Sometimes we can not control what happens to us. Sometimes we can.

Let me tell you something though. Despite what you feel right now, whether it be depression, frustration, or hopelessness, there is a way around that. Even though I know you believe it may be impossible, and although it may feel impossible; it’s not. What I want you to do right now is take out one sheet of paper. No, this is not english class, it’s life 101. =]

Got that sheet out? Good. At the top of that paper write “my life”, and after you’re done doing that number your paper from 1 to 10. Now, put that pen down, and follow these instructions carefully.

-Open up your mind to this last week, and think of all the things that have happened to you that has brought a burden to you.

-What got you there?

-Think of how you handled it. (How did you react, how did you feel, what did you think in your mind)

-Pick up that pen.

Now that you have your mind open, and your thought process is in bloom, you’re ready to start your first life 101 assignment. It’s not hard, infact by the time your done you will be greatly relieved you did this!

Beside number one list an event that pissed you off.

Beside number two list an event that made you feel hopeless.

Beside number three list an even that made you feel frustrated.

Beside number four list an event that worried you.

Beside number 5 list something that shocked you.

Good. Niow I want you to reread these events and think of what brought you to this, or who brought you to feel this way.

On numbers 6 through 10 I want you to list what made this occur, and how you handled it. Number one will go with number six, number two will go with number seven, etc.

After you are done doing this I want you to think honestly about that piece of paper in your hand. Did you make those things happen to yourself? How did you react?

Soemtimes in life we are blindsided by the events that occur in our life, and we are too busy to stop and think about how we got there, and how we got to feeling the way that we do. Now that you are done with your first life 101 assignment, grab that piece of paper and hang it on a mirror that you will see each day.

The only way we can overcome our problmes is to face them head on. Look at your problems in the mirror, and for the next week I want you to stear clear from them, and react in a way you have never done before. And instead of running away, we together will encounter this life.

Love to all,



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