Stress, anxiety … how to survive an economic / environmental / family crisis PART ONE

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Do you consider yourself as a person under stress, even anxiety?

It is relatively easy to find on the Internet different scales or questionnaires to help you assess your level of stress.

These scales are of first, or allow us in relation to a stress level ranging from zero to extreme. Obviously, not all of us have the same tolerance to stress.

Some are stressed out to read the economic news, others to watch a documentary on the destruction of our ecology. For other stress related to their family takes the main place.

My article is for all those who are struggling to sleep because of stress, regardless of source. Those who are unable to stop thinking about how to deal with the causes of their anxiety. Those who feel physically weakened, anxiety-ridden.

Working on the cause or causes of this stress is always difficult, sometimes even impossible. I want to share with you a listing method that might be helpful in a stress management strategy.

Take a sheet of paper and write above the list of everything you are stressed for. Brainstorm about everything that cause you anxiety, no ranking necessary.

Then you take each item you wrote and you will rank in one of these three categories:

Category 1: things that I have a great ability to change
Category 2: things that I have a little power to change
Category 3: things that I have no power to change

Be honest when you write this second list. If you have no power over an item, have the courage to put in the right category. Do the same for things that you know you have the power to change.

After, a little break will be necessary.  See my second article for the next step of my stress management strategy.


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