Into the Twilight

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My fingers are itching to type. What to type today? Well I took a brief week away from the confines of my laptop to stretch my mind around my every day activities ( they dont amount to much).

Because of this, I have found myself absorbed in the most annoying fancrazed topic of today’s hip things.


Yes, the moving story of a vampire and human falling in love. So romantic. So beautiful. Of course I am one of the NOT crazed people in love with Edward Cullen. But the story has landed right into my list of top stories I have ever read. Maybe I should get out and read more :P.

To think the author, Stephenie Meyer, had a dream that started this vampiric movement. Hey, Martin Luther King had a dream. Nothing with bloodsuckers, but just another person with a dream who started a movement.

I will give my review on the series that Stephenie has written. The story was beautifully written, and I loved the different perspective on vampires. Totally creative and genius on making it work. Not that I dont like the whole dracula thing, but this made vampires seem more…human? Cant quite think of the word to describe it. But who ever thought sparkling would be in corralation with these stone cold blood drinkers? Stephenies imagination has brought forth a surge of sensitive, romantic, and humane vampires. What person doesnt like that?

The movie was very well done. In my opinion it hit the nail right on the head when it came to the plot and storyline. In other opinion’s Edward’s sparkliness could have been better, but that was not my reason for watching the movie. I love the action scenes and it really brought suspense to the audience.

I have downloaded the whole track and it fits the book and movie very well. Muse and Paramore are perfect with vocals. It really brought the book to life when I read it with the music.

I absolutely love Twilight, but you will not find me drooling or dreaming of meeting my edward. The story was great and I finished the series with a great satisfaction of a happy ending.

Props to Stephenie Meyer!

I give this series a thumbs up!

Until Next Time!


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