Monday, December 11

Parents Should Not be Allowed to Cast as Many Votes as They Have Children

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Voting takes place in a country or within a group of people in order to elect the best possible candidate or to pass the best motion. Voting should be done according to the individual’s personal opinion. It doesn’t matter to whom our families vote for.  Ultimately when sitting alone in the voting place, what is written on the voting paper is what is expressed by the voter. Therefore how can parents cast a vote for their children, when there is a chance that if their children could decide for themselves, they would probably cast a different vote from that of their parents? 

In my country the eligible voting age is eighteen years. Personally I think this age is the right age as by that time, the new voters would be adults and would have a definitive idea of what they expect from the electorate. We cannot expect children to make major decisions which will have repercussions on other people’s lives or for their parents to make decisions on behalf of each of their children. The result of such an action would be confusion and questions such as, what if one of the parents has left home and by court order is not allowed to see his children? Will this parent have as much right to be allowed to cast votes for each of his children or will he be denied this right? Other questions such as these are sure to follow.

Another issue why this debate is not feasible is the unfair impact it will have on those people who do not have any children.  Will they still be allowed at least one vote or will they not be allowed to cast any votes at all since they have no children?  This is a very discriminating proposal which does not make any sense at all and hopefully nobody will ever think of implementing such an idea, in the name of “improvement” in the future. 

Children are a blessing and should not be seen to be as objects which will bring favourable returns to their parents. They should be kept innocent throughout all their childhood, and should not be in the middle of a controversy concerning major decisions which should be left for adults. Their time for taking decisions will come when they become adults of a voting age.


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