Friday, December 15

Drawbacks of Doing Work From Home

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One of the major setbacks is the loneliness and solitude one may face. Working from home can sometimes make you feel left out of things, especially if you are used to working with other colleagues. There is no one to share jokes with while taking a cup of coffee. At work you get to hear certain news from colleagues, practical jokes are a part of the day and professional gossip is shared by all. In fact working from home may make you feel you are missing out on things. This can make you feel quite isolated so it is a good thing to try to make a schedule, where you can go to the place of work at least once or twice a week. 

Work colleagues can get involved in various debates on different topics, which can sometimes get quite fervent with everyone putting in his views. This is lacking when working from home as there is no one to share views relating to work subjects. 

When encountering a problem at the place of work, there is usually someone to turn to who may lead a helping hand in solving a problem.  If the problem is a technical one involving the computer, while at work only a phone call is required, and soon enough someone will come to see what the problem is, working from home is different. If a problem is encountered one may call for help, and instructions can even sometimes be given through the telephone but this is not always possible.  Since the problem may sometimes require a technician to call at home and see what the problem might be, this may take time and in the meantime time and work might be lost especially if a deadline is involved. 

While going to work usually requires working fixed hours, one tends to work much longer hours when working from home. There are people who sometimes tell you to just shut the computer when the time is up but this is not always possible. It is different when being at work, since you just shut off the computer and go home. For the past two years I have worked for six hours every day at the office and another two hours by teleworking from home. This gave me the opportunity to be at home for my children and still give my required forty hours of work weekly. Looking back I know that I have worked much longer hours and gave much more work to my employer than I should have, without getting paid for it since instead of the required hours, I usually work much longer. As I do not like to leave any pending work for the next day, I do whatever has to be done. If I was at work and I worked later than usual, I would be entitled for overtime, but working those extra hours from home, I was entitled to nothing. 

Friends and family may not realise what working from home entails. Concentration is needed which can sometimes get quite difficult, as knowing you are at home can lead to friends and family visiting at all hours. 

Another thing to remember is that water and electricity used while working at home may not be paid for by the employer. At work, the electricity bill is paid by the employer however at home one has to pay the bill for water and electricity used himself. Even printing supplies may have to be paid for by yourself since not all employers give a supplies allowance. 

Working from home is not always as attractive as it may sound however since there are a lot of advantageous involved, these may compensate for the drawbacks I have mentioned above.


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