Sunday, December 17

Email Etiquette For Internal Business Communication

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Since it is so easy to send an email, some people tend not to treat emails as formal documentation. An email has the same value as a letter.  When sending an email, what is written can be used as evidence material in a court case, therefore it is wise to recheck what is written on the email before submitting to the intended destination. 

When writing an email, contents should be clear so that whoever is reading it will know what the email is about.  Sometimes e-mails are submitted with contents that do not make any sense at all. If contents are not clear, time will be wasted as it may have to be resubmitted by the sender. Correspondence should be written without any spelling or grammar mistakes so before submitting, proofreading is a must. 

When submitting emails it is to be remembered that they can be forwarded to third parties showing all contents and previous sender names. Therefore particular attention must be given to the email contents and to the recipients addresses. Any information contained which is not intended for everyone’s eyes, which may include damaging contents due to bad language, criticizing other employees or management, malicious gossip or censored items should not be submitted. Such subjects might lend the sender in big trouble, especially if the email will end in the manager’s inbox.  There have been employees who have been fired from their jobs because of emails which ended at an unintended destination either by mistake or due to forwarding by third parties. 

Since there are companies which keep all employees’ correspondence in the main server, internal emails should be considered carefully before submitting. Although it is acceptable that internal emails are less formal than those submitted externally, be careful of what is being written. Even the tone of the email should be considered before submitting as there have been emails received which were misunderstood and chaos followed especially when the is sender is angry. 

Emails have become a part of every day life however they are not games and as such should be treated with caution before submitting.


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