Monday, December 11

How Minorities Are Discriminated Against in Wage Structures

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The word minorities refer to various nationalities especially African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and African illegal immigrants entering Europe illegally via sea routes into Mediterranean Countries, amongst others.

Taking the case where the same job is being done by both a minority and a white worker, one can see that although both are doing the same jobs however those belonging to minority groups are being payed much less than their counterparts. Minorities in all regions of the world continue to face serious threats, discrimination and racism, and are frequently excluded from taking part fully in the economic, political and social life of their countries. During the recent economic trouble and housing slump, Blacks and Hispanics lagged behind whites for higher-paying jobs at the largest rates in the last ten years as employment opportunities dwindled. Recent statistics showed that minorities are the last hired, and the first to be fired. They lose jobs more quickly, and they will be the last to recover.

Taking the case of immigrants who enter  Mediterranean Countries illegally from the sea, one can imagine how eager they are to work once they are accepted by a Country and their status is changed to that of  legal immigrants. Illegal immigration is the movement of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. Illegal immigrants are also known as illegal aliens to distinguish them from legal aliens.

It is a common site in Mediterranean Countries to see these people occupying jobs which locals are not much interested in.  Work concerned may be that of rubbish collecting, decorating of building facades,  building and the list goes on and on. All involving hard back-breaking work in a scorching sun. These workers work hard, being motivated by the money they will be taking to their families who are probably living huddled together with other families in a one bedroomed flat . Just before payday however, the worker is called by his employer and informed that his services are no longer needed and he will not be getting paid at all . The worker can do nothing about it especially if he is not legally employed and if he complains, he risks a deportation order which he could ill afford.

These are facts which actually exists and it is amazing how creative some people could be in creating cruel schemes and exploiting other human beings.   


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