Sunday, December 17

Fall Wedding Decor

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I am surprised that there aren’t more people fighting over Saturdays during the fall for their weddings. The temperatures are more agreeable and in some cases their is a fragrance in the air that you won’t find any other time of the year! Having said that, I just might have ruined this time of year for brides who have just began to reconsider their chosen date. So a bit of advice… book your wedding early. Below you will find some ideas that you might want to include in your decorating plans.

1. Float sugar flowers in your glasses of champagne. Very elegant.

2. Pin  a large yellow, orange or sand colored  flower to your ring bearer pillow.   I’m thinking the size of a peony.

3. Pick one or all of the flowers above for your bouquet. You might want to see what is available in your area. Roses are starting to become ho-hum I’m afraid to say!

4. White wedding cake frosted with sugar blossoms in the color of your choice. You can go as big or as small as you wish!

5. Use white napkin rings around your fall colored napkins

6. You could serve cookies in a fall shape and frosted in a fall color. I’m thinking tiny scarecrows, but that’s just me lol…

7. Another dessert option are cupcakes iced generously in fall colors and then sprinkled with a darker sugar.

8. Ikea has flower petals that could be carried by the flower girl or sprinkled on the path leading to the gazebo!

9. Flowers and ribbons can be fastened to the chairs for designated seating.

10. Fresh flowers decorating each table at the dinner. *Popular Flowers for a Fall Wedding… asters, cosmos, white mums and zinnias but check your area, there might be more to choose from!  


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