How to create binaural beats at home

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Binaural beats are a very interesting way to explore your own mind. They essentially are two separate tones that when played on a stereo headset produce a third tone but do so internally within the brain. Due to this it is speculated you can actually entrain your mind into specific brain frequencies. I played with this years ago when the best equipment i had was Qbasic and a cassette recorder: things are much less complicated now, thanks to programs like audacity 😉

Things You’ll Need:

step 1) Bring up audacity and go to the “Projects” tab. Select “New Audio Track”. Do this one more time to create two separate tracks.

step 2) select a track by clicking on it on the left hand side. It will highlight it in a dark grayish color.

step 3) click where it says “audio track” and select “left channel” for one of your tracks. Do the same to the lower track but instead of left choose the “right channel” selection. This will create the stereophonic sound we need once we add our sound.

step 4) Now reselect your top track and click the “Generate” tab and select “tone…”

step 5) We will produce a unique tone for each track. a frequency of 100Hz in the left ear and a frequency of 106Hz in the right ear produces a beat of 6Hz. I suggest a beat of about 4-6Hz and listen to it to see how it affects you. You may wish to later mix it with other sounds or some music to mask it slightly as a constant hum in your ear can get a tad annoying.

* this is a simple binaural beat entrainment sound. More complex entrainment would begin at or about 20Hz which is approximately your waking brain wave frequency and then it will gradually slow down to take you into other states.

Audacity Sound Editor which can be found at http://audacity.sourceforge


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